Laundry Repair/ Install

We repair and install major brands for both builders and home owners. We use genuine parts and if we have parts we complete the repair in one day.

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Cooking appliances

We install electric and gas stoves, double ovens. We even do carpentry and modify your cabinets. Needless we do repairs using genuine parts. We perform gas test after every job to make sure the owner has peace of mind.

Range hood install.

We perform full job from installing your range hood to venting it to outside, respecting every code in your county for peace of mind

Other Services

Full install with plumbing

We do full install and we haul the old one. Unfortunately, due to the low price of microwaves, we charge $150 upfront to troubleshoot it.  

We install and service AC and furnace. Also we install mini split units and we do roof top units for commercial buildings.

We install refrigerators and we hook them up to the water line.

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